UV-Ionizer ECO

UV-Ionizer ECO

The chlorine free disinfection of pool water treats water with the help of controlled copper ionization and UV- irradiation. It includes integrated pump control, temperature measurement and maintenance function.

Is suitable for private pools with a maximum capacity of 60 m³.

The copper ionization prevents algae from further growing and stabilizes the water for a longer term of time.

  • temperature dependent process control
  • UV-lightning unit
  • Ion chamber
  • integrated controlling of an external pump

Technical Data

Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 1050 x 550 x 350
Capacity electronics stand-by 2 Watt / Cycle 15 Watt
Capacity UV lamp 75 Watt / UVC 25 Watt
Current supply externally (pump) maximum 1,5 kW
Capacity Ionization 450 mA / 12 V
Life span UV lamp 5.000 h

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