GroTron Grow Cube

GroTron Grow Cube



  • GroTron, a revolutionary new product range that will change the way consumers and industry approach indoor growing.
  • GroTron has been designed for all consumer types and needs; from the everyday home user to the seasoned botanist.
  • Never before has growing plants and herbs been so easy and efficient.
  • The GroTron Cube (G-T Cube) is the latest product of the revolutionary GroTron range.


  • We live in a world of compact spaces and limited time.
  • Consumers want healthy living and green environments but do not have the time or space to have indoor herb gardens or plants.
  • This problem is further complicated with the limited natural light and temperature consistency brought on changes in the seasons and indoor living.
  • Add to this that consumers do not like to be at the mercy of when things are in season.



  • GroTron addresses these issues by providing an artificial hydroponic ecosystem where the user is able to control the G-T Cube’s:
    • Temperature levels
    • Oxygen in the nutrients and water
    • Number of hours of light
    • PAR/photon flux levels
    • Growth vase light optimisation
    • Watering time and volume
    • Regulating the carbon dioxide levels in the system
    • Ease of control and monitoring
    • Temperature
  • All of this is done in a very compact energy efficient system.
  • Not only does GroTron make indoor growing easy and efficient, it also minimizes electricity usage and space problems.

  • From the novice indoor grower wanting fresh herbs all year round the health shop next door to the seasoned botanist looking to enhance the way they grow plants, the GroTron Cube does it all.
  • The G-T Cube is as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.
  • All of this amazing technology and functionality is made even easier by allowing the user to control everything through an app on their mobile device (Android and iOS compatible).
  • By simply connecting to the G-T Cube through Wi-Fi or Blueooth users can control their very own garden from the palm of their hand.




The key aspects of the technology include:

  • Patented solution;
  • Self-contained compact growing system;
  • UL, EU, and IEC tested and certified;
  • Combination of LED and LASER light;
  • Oxygen enriched nutrient and water;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled control;
  • RGB and full spectrum light;
  • Laser grow system;
  • Emerson effect photosynthesis optimisation;
  • All solid-state lighting and control;
  • Automatic optimisation of the conductivity of the nutrient solution, ppm or EC;
  • pH balance;
  • Temperature regulation;
  • Fully expandable to different size;
  • Modular and stackable;


  • While further tests are still being run on the benefits of the
    GroTron products, initial tests have shown the GroTron, in some cases, has achieved better plant growth than natural sunlight.
  • In some test cases the GroTron system was found to be up to 35% more effective in plant growth than natural sunlight.
  • The reason for this can be attributed to the precision with which the GroTron allows the user to control the growth of their plants.
  • A key aspect of this is the ability to control the photon flux levels of the system including the colour.


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