Standart Output T8 Glass Tube 3 year

Standard Output T8 Glass Tube

Standard Output T8 Glass Tube

These are low cost LED T8 tubes with a glass body that come with a 3 Year Warranty.  These tubes offer a 270 degree beam angle and are visually most like the standard fluorescent tube.

 Model  Description

Power  (Watts)

Output (lumens)

CLT00902DT8 T8 LED glass tube 60cm (2ft)


1080 lm

CLT01402DT8 T8 LED glass tube 90cm (3ft)


1680 lm

CLT01806DT8 T8 LED glass tube 120cm (4ft)


2160 lm

CLT02202DT8 T8 LED glass tube 150cm (5ft)


2640 lm


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