Dual-Light Side-lit Panel with remote control

Dual-Light Side-lit Panel with Remote Control

Dual-Light Side-lit Panel with Remote Control

The Dual Light side-lit panels come with a 3 year warranty.  These panels are controlled by a wireless remote and can be dimmed and have the colour temperature regulated.  These panels give a pleasing, even light and are suitable for; offices, retail, boardroom, hotel, warehouse applications.  The side-lit panels are ideal for applications with low ceilings and can even be surface mounted.

Model Description

Power (Watts)

Output (lumens)

CLP04200R5A LED  Side-lit Dual-Light Panel with

Remote Control 60cm x 60cm 42W

Can select light level (dimming) and colour index (3500K – 6000K)


550 lm – 4620 lm


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