LED GroTron Grow Lights

LED GrowTron Grow Lights

LED GrowTron Grow Lights

These LED Grow Light fittings are state-of-the-art and include blue, red and white light (bandwidth selectable), UV, and Laser components to enhance the growth and health of plants.  The accompanying Bluetooth enabled application allows the lights to be programmed to different growth phases and is fully controllable with programmable day/night cycles and light balance.  The GroTron light includes optional hygroscopic ionizer, built in CO2 chamber and under-canopy light strings which allow light to be delivered more accurately to specific regions of the plant.

The GroTron Gold light includes an integrated CO2 chamber and a Hydroscopic Ioniser to further boost plant growth.



 Model  Description

Power  (Watts)

Output (lumens)

Grotron Carbon LED GroTron Panel 595mmx670mmx125mm

70 W

8400 lm

Grotron Gold LED GroTron Panel 595mmx670mmx125mm

110 W

13200 lm



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