IP65 LED Grow Lamps

IP65 LED Grow Lamps

IP65 LED Grow Lamps

These LED Grow Light fittings are IP65 rated for added safety.  The accompanying Bluetooth application allows the lights to be programmed with day/night cycles.  The units have an external Bluetooth-enabled driver module that can control up to 30 Lamps at a time giving better control over the light cycles in a large growing area.

These lights have peak light output at R = 610-740nm and B = 380-480nm

 Model  Description

Power  (Watts)

GroLamp 1200 IP65 LED Grow Lamp  1235mm x 115mm x 37mm

 60 W

GroLamp 1500 IP65 LED Grow Lamp  1535mm x 115mm x 37mm

 100 W

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