RADAR– Infrared Mirror with built-in Artificial Intelligence

RADAR– Infrared Mirror with built-in Artificial Intelligence

RADAR – see beyond what is normal.

Product Description:

The future is now, Artificial intelligence (Ai) is now a reality. Speak to your car for a safer connected journey like never before.

What if you could see the future, to see what is beyond your vision at the same time making your motorcar poses the power of Artificial Intelligence, no matter the make or model of your vehicle.

See in Infrared, through fog, rain and even darkness.

All this and much more is now possible with the revolutionary new product from RADCORP.


Cars of the future will have Artificial Intelligence, assisting us to have a safer, more pleasant experience.

We have developed the ultimate assistant allowing any car to become the car of the future.

A single device that becomes a part of your car, and integrates all of the best features that only the most expensive vehicles have.

You can now have a connected car, capable of seeing through fog, rain and darkness, extending your most important safety sense on the road, your vision.

Whiles sophisticated voice recognition keeps you connected to the device without the need to take your eyes off the road.

State of the art navigation together with our voice recognition now allows you to give commands to your vehicle to be by voice command!


The following presentation will highlight some of the key features of our device:

IR Camera – see beyond the light:


Heads-up Display:

An optional extra Heads-Up Display overlay the IR image with Navigation directly to your windscreen.

This allows you to see in three modes at the same time, you now have the ability to see in Infra Red, through live screening and map overlay all by just looking through your windscreen.

Navigation and safety has never been this convenient.


Voice Recognition:

All functions in the system can be controlled by both voice and touch allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Three Navigation Modes:

  1. Cancel the navigation
  2. Open the real surrounding navigation
  3. Simple navigation start.

You just say:

Open/close navigation; I want to go somewhere or provide system search destination and choose your destination.



Open/close vehicle travelling data record; open/close the vehicle travelling data recorder, including video, audio and taking a picture.

Data Recorder:

Open/close vehicle travelling data record; open/close the vehicle travelling data recorder, including video, audio and taking a photo.

Voice calls:

  1. Make voice and Video calls;
  2. Use Internet or GSM network;
  3. Make calls with popular Apps.

Music Video Internet:

Open/close Music voice:

Say: I want to listen to someone’s song – provide a name of a song and the song will play. User also can say – “ I want to see a picture of…” or make a general internet search – the system will automatically search anything for you.

WeChat Location Share:

The RADAR mirror will automatically direct you to the location of someone you need to collect and directs you to your point of destination.

Video Recorder:

  1. Sound and Video recording;
  2. Takes snap shots of intruders;
  3. You can record video both ways – the front and rear of the vehicle. There is also a security function if car is tampered with and a proof of what is happening on and off the road.


  1. Two onboard cameras for rear and front recording.
  2. Both cameras can record at the same time.

LIDAR Detector:

To activate the LIDAR Detector: Open/close LIDAR Detector, which can change to urban/suburban mode. This function allows you to detect radar and laser speed cameras, allowing you to focus on what is important, taking away anxiety.


A Search of restaurants and hotels:
Just say the following: I’m hungry, I want to eat some food or I’m sleepy, I want to stay in a hotel and the system can search it for you.

Internet Radio:

You can receive traffic updates and international internet Radio (auto digital tuning).


Park your car with ease – there is a parking assistant with built-in camera and warnings.
Keep your children safe, always know what is happening around your vehicle.




Chip: Build-in MTK MT6582 A7 Quad-Core.


Key Functions:

One can find a sophisticated system with easy to use voice control built into RADAR.



All the parts of the device are of a high quality and the satisfaction via support is guaranteed.



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