Publication number: 2011/07153

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Ballast device for a dimming circuit

Publication number : H05B 41/392 H05B 33/08 2003677

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GroTron Grow System

Number of the publication: 2015/03918

GroTron, a revolutionary new product range that will change the way consumers and industry approach indoor growing. It has been designed for all consumer types and needs; from the everyday home user to the seasoned botanist. GroTron provides an artificial hydroponic ecosystem where the user is able to control the G-T Cube’s: Temperature levels, oxygen in the nutrients and water, number of hours of light , PAR/photon flux levels, growth vase light optimisation, watering time and volume, regulating the carbon dioxide levels in the system, ease of control and monitoring, temperature. All of this is done in a very compact energy efficient system.

Not only does GroTron make indoor growing easy and efficient, it also minimizes electricity usage and space problems.

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Management arrangement

Publication number: US 20050167345 A1

DE60226502D1, EP1472424A1, EP1472424A4, EP1472424B1, WO2003066999A1,

The invention discloses a management arrangement for a swimming pool. The arrangement includes a number of sensors being adapted to measure variables and generate input data relating to a swimming pool. The input data is processed by a processing unit to generate output data, which data is then used by an actuator to control equipment. Various operating parameters are programmable into the processing unit via an operator interface.

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Application number: ZA2014/000063


The invention refers to an electronic circuit means for improving a power factor of a load in response to a dimmer, in particular during dimming of a lamp with a variable phase cut dimmer. The electronic circuit means comprises network, which is connected parallel to the dimmer and the load, including a static part and a dynamic part, wherein the dynamic part is embodied by a network of active and passive components being placed in parallel with the load and restricting the power delivery to the load as the dimmer is progressively advanced.

Links to the patent:;jsessionid=8CEAFD596CF0A8C495E0AB8A4D5BF326.wapp1nC?docId=WO2015157783&recNum=864&office=&queryString=&prevFilter=&sortOption=Pub+Date+Desc&maxRec=2728834

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Publication number: 20100096338 A1

A regulating apparatus for a swimming pool, which includes a number of sensors to measure variables and generate input data relating to the swimming pool; a processing unit to receive the input data and to generate output data; an actuator to control equipment in response to the output data; and an operator interface to allow programming of operating parameters into the processing unit; wherein said equipment includes an ultraviolet unit and an ionization unit capable of automatically regulating the ion concentration of the water in said swimming pool.

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