About us

RADCORP is a Research and Development Corporation that was founded in 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa by a gifted inventor Riccardo Arthur de Wet.

It is a 18 year old Corporation that owns inventions, products and related patents belonging to Riccardo de Wet.

Sometimes Genius is a gift, Riccardo converted a microscope to a telescope at the age of 6 and filed his 1st provisional patent at a young age.

Developing unique products, Riccardo understood that he has a gift. He wanted to change the world and make it a better place by putting his focus on technologies that could make a difference.

Companies as: “Telefunken Lighting”, where he was a Partner and CTO of the company, Caelus group, where Riccardo is a founding member, partner and CTO of the company, manufacturing and distributing his products and patented technologies.

RADCORP used to have registered offices in Hamburg and Chemnitz, Germany; Rotterdam and Apeldoorn, Netherlands; Manaus, Brazil; Murcia, Spain; Hong Kong; Hangzhou and Ningbo, China; Cape Town, South Africa.

Nowadays such companies as: “Caelus Group” South Africa, “Blue Citadel” Canada, “UVion” Germany are some of the companies that are selling technologies developed by Riccardo de Wet and are benefiting from his technical genius.

Revolutionary design and products in health, energy, nanotechnology, cybernetics made him focus on five main categories, listed below:

Have you ever dreamt of being forever young and healthy? Everyone does… by the way, the youth Phytonutrient formula was developed by Riccardo more than 10 years ago, and is called “Glycell”.

Eco-friendly “All-Dimmer” the light dimmer that dims all dimmable as well as most non-dimmable lamps and bulbs;

non-toxic T8 Nanotubes with special plug and play wireless assembly for certified production anywhere in the World, creating jobs for thousands.

GroTron Grow Lights” that utilizes special lasers and LED’s to grow food more than 30% faster and more efficient than any other in the market, controlled by a simple easy to use App.

GroTron Grow Cube” A self-contained hydroponic ecosystem that allows growing of fruits and vegetables as easy as scanning a pod and using an App.

Non-chemical, based on Solid-state UV light and coper silver ionization, automated pool filtration and sanitation system “UVion” makes your pool water drinkable and completely environmentally friendly;

Any-water” bottle that thanks to nanotechnology inside turns sea water into fresh water and is always ready as it has a self-contained, kinetic power source;

RADar” – a built in artificial intelligence predictive technology device that can answer your questions and project maps and navigation onto your car windscreen, with built in OBD and IR camera allowing you to see up to 300 meters in thick fog, rain and darkness.

Many more products and innovations implemented into life, existing technologies of this talented inventor.

The list of inventions, innovations and Patents of Riccardo A. de Wet is very long. Are you excited?

RADCORP will help you get acquainted with all of them!

Follow us as we discover the power to transcend!