RADCORP presents Gro-Tower – a new generation grow-light unit!

RADCORP presents Gro-Tower –  a new generation grow-light unit!

During the Hong Kong Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2017 RADCORP represented a Gro-Tower, a new generation growing unit – one of their patented grow-light systems. The modern technologies that were developed by a famous engineering genius Riccardo Arthur de Wet now are available to the market! Extra features of a grow-light unit now are making the impossible things easy. The visitors of the fair and the potential clients could see and test the prototype presented in the boot right at the fair.

RADCORP – the power to transcend!

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The founder and Director of RADCORP Riccardo Arthur de Wet presented a new innovative technology – LED GROWLIGHT MODULAR SYSTEM ADVANCED. According to the prognosis it will make a revolution in the market of LED growing lights with its one-of a kind laser system.

The team of engineers and factory workers currently are working very hard on expanding their grow-light factory! Many new ideas and technologies are supposed to be implemented into a life and set into one-of-a kind product in the current market of grow-lights and grow-lighting systems.